Freestyle Customs

Often I get people emailing me who are interested in ordering custom work but have no idea of what they want done.  Sometimes it's up to us, the artists, to interpret ideas for them.  So in those cases, why not let the artist do their own thing?  That is why this weekend (Friday May 14th - Sunday May 16th) i'm offering the Freestyle Custom option!  Send in your new or slightly worn shoes (no Foamposites or suede please) and have them turned into a work of art or just spiced up with a different colorway.  Choose between a basic colorway theme or a artistic pattern theme (ladies: heels and boots are acceptable too).  I have 14 years of custom sneaker experience and would be glad to put together something stylish for you.  Right now i'm only doing this for the weekend as sort of a trial to see how the response is...if it goes well then I will make it a regular thing and will regularly open up first come first served spots for freestyle orders.  The pictures below are just a few examples (basic colorway themes in the first group of pics, patterned themes in the second.  Again, these are just examples and not necessarily the actual designs that may be done).  Will have a certain number of spots open for each option starting this Friday at midnight (eastern time).  To order and for more information, click the link here.