Friday, April 11, 2014

Customer Spotlight: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles custom

Recently I received a cool commission idea to do a shoe based around the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  With A new movie right around the corner in the works I thought it was a great idea.

The customer had a specific shoe they wanted the idea to be done on, so they sent me a pair of their "Altitude" Jordan 13s:

And here is the finished result:

These are a 1-of-1 custom but if you have a custom idea of your own, contact me at or through the contact link at

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Jordan 5 "Alien Camouflage" Custom

This design totally came about by accident.  When I started out I was working on a totally different theme, but early on into it I didn't feel like it was coming out the way I wanted so I ended up scrapping it.  Then after picking out a random color scheme I thought about doing a camouflage design (I love working with camo patterns) but once I started I ended up freestyling the pattern seen here.  Something about it reminded me of aliens from various sci-fi films, which spawned the name "Alien Camouflage".

The original base was the Jordan 5 Fire Red (black tongue version):

And here's the finished product:

Currently taking orders for this shoe in select sizes.  This shoe can be ordered through the store link at the main site,, or directly at the link here:

Monday, March 24, 2014

"Mind Overload"

This shoe was actually inspired by a situation in my own personal life.  Basically some frustration with a person in my personal life and as a result of that it led (and still sometimes leads) to me frequently over thinking about it all.

Overthinking's something we're all guilty of at one time or another and it can cause a flood of different emotions in our heads, either causing us to think up problems that aren't there or magnifying the ones that are there to appear bigger than they really are.  It's like voices in our heads that can't be shut off or are difficult to shut off.  A lot of those emotions can be negative ones, which is why overthinking's not a good thing and we really shouldn't do it....but that's easier said than done.

The reason I named it "Mind Overload" is because of how these things can cause a flood of emotions within us.  If you look closely in the pics below the grey panels of the shoes feature some of those negative feelings we feel during these trying moments.  While the blue areas feature some of the more positive emotions we can feel if we just take a breath and not let the bad weigh us down (again, easier said than done but it is possible.  Admittedly I struggle with overthinking at times as i'm sure others do as well).  Unfortunately from the looks of things the bad seems to outweigh the good but at the same time the good can still be stronger if we let it.

This shoe is available to order at this link:

More pics below:

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Air Jordan 5 "Nightmare In Green"

Recently a customer contacted me about wanting the Jordan 1 "Nightmare In Green" in a women's/gs size, but I informed them that the shoe is a men's only style.  I then let them know that I would be willing to make a similar design on a different Jordan shoe, and the Jordan 5 was suggested.  So using a pair of GS Laney 5s I was able to come up with a Jordan 5 variation of the Nightmare in green:

The shoe features the exact same color scheme as the original along with some of the same style pattern work from the originals.

Here is the original Jordan 1 version:

And here's the Jordan 5 version:

At the moment, I will be taking a few orders for this shoe in both men's and women's/gs sizes but only for a limited time.  Click link for more information:

Friday, March 14, 2014

Air Jordan 5 "Wood Grain" Custom

This was a design I kinda threw together on the fly.  I looked at a couple wood grain patterns but actually ended up getting the idea for the look of these off a wood grain style tattoo I saw doing a google search (which would explain the thicker than normal lines):

I like the finished product of these (the base shoe was the Jordan 5 Fire Red) and want to do this theme again one day but next time using a more traditional look for the pattern.  Anyway, more pictures of the shoes below, which are available at my site, (click the "store" link).

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Brooklyn Art Project

What is The Brooklyn Art Project?

Basically this: I find New York in general to be a very artistically inspiring place...a great deal of that inspiration is for me found in (but not limited to) the borough of Brooklyn.  The series will basically be a series of items with themes that were inspired by different things that i've seen around the borough...whether it be artwork (gallery art, graffiti, etc.), architecture, or just (and mostly) random things that caught my eye that most people might not notice or take for granted.  It's not necessarily going to be a bunch of items based on different landmarks in the city (with the exception of one item), but more of a mixture of random things with a landmark or two thrown into the mix.  Think of it as me taking the energy of Brooklyn (at least my interpretation) and presenting it in visual form.  This project, which is still in the works, is slated for a spring release & I will have an exact launch date and other information in the upcoming weeks.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Air Force 1 "American Flag Grunge"

Due to the popularity of the "American Flag" Jordan 4s, I ended up doing the theme again, this time on a different shoe.  A lot of people were asking about the Jordan 4 version, which was done as a 1-of-1 for a customer.  I figured I would do a similar design on a different shoe, in this case the Air Force 1 mid.

Besides being on a different shoe, this version has some other changes.  While I stuck to the grungy look for these, I included more red stripes and changed the blue from a royal shade to a darker semi-navy blue.  The royal blue on the Jordan 4s had a little of a dark blue speckled over it while the blue on the air force version is more solid.

(Jordan 4 version)

(Air Force 1 mid version)

This shoe is available in both men's and women's/gs sizes (the ones pictured are gs (grade school) size).  I am also offering the option of having them done on the low top Air Force 1s as well or if desired, on a shoe of your choice (the Jordan 4 version will not be duplicated however as that pair was meant to be a 1-of-1/private order).  You can purchase the shoe at the link below.  If interested in a different option, email me at