Thursday, March 26, 2015

"Nightmare In Green" & "Desert Camo" are back (Limited Time Only)

For a VERY limited time, Both the Jordan 1 "Nightmare In Green" and "Desert Camo" customs are back!  The Nightmare In Green customs will be available to order in both Men's and Women's/GS sizes while the Desert Camos will be men's sizes only but will come with the custom dog tags as before.  Both shoes qualify for the 20% Spring Sale discount (use promo code SPRING15 during checkout).  Again, these 2 items will only be made for a limited time so don't miss out!  Order each at the links below:

Nightmare In Green:

Desert Camo:

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Air Force 1 "Dipset" Custom

Something I did for a good friend of mine.  He wanted a pair of fresh custom Air Force 1s with the Dipset theme.  For those not in the know, Dipset, Or "Diplomats", are a Harlem NY based rap group consisting mainly of rappers Cam'ron, Jim Jones, & Juelz Santana.  My friend, who's based on the west coast and is a talented emcee in his own right, is a fan and pitched me the idea & the color scheme and pretty much gave me the creative freedom to do what I wanted with these.  So I came up with the idea to use multiple purple shades with a pattern design of my own that i've only used once before.  And of course, the Dipset logo on the shoes as well.  Check out the pics for the finished product:

This shoe is a 1-of-1 item but if you have a custom idea of your own or want to inquire about one of my previously done themes, email at

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

"Welcome To Spring" Sale

Originally I wasn't going to start this sale until 3/20 (first day of spring) but decided to start it early.

During online store checkout, enter the promo code SPRING15 (doesn't have to be in caps) and get 20% off any order $300 and up!  Promo code can be used multiple times until the sale ends (may do other sales in the future depending on the success of this one).  If there was a pair of customs you saw in the store that you always wanted to have done, here's your chance to get them on sale so don't miss out cause it might not happen again!  Spread the word!

Online store:

Friday, March 13, 2015

Jordan 13 "Oreo"

Recently, I did a variation of this same theme for a client, except for the client pair the toe area was done in black.  However, I still like the white toe version and thought I would make it available for a limited time (link listed at the bottom of the posting).  As with the previous shoe posted, the Jordan 13 "Oreo" was made using the Grey Toe 13s:

More pics of the finished product:

Again, will be taking a limited amount of orders for this white toe version only.  Here is the link with all of the pricing and ordering info:

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Just another Digi Camo theme....

Originally I was requested by a client to do a digi camo theme after they saw a previous version from 2 years ago.  However, this version would be a little more detailed and on a pair of Jordan 13s.  The client ended up changing their mind and going with a different theme but despite that being the case, I still really liked the Digi Camo idea and decided to put out a Jordan 13 version anyway.

The digi camo theme is probably the toughest pattern i've done so far.  And being as though I do all my work freehand and don't use stencils, it takes that much longer.  I prefer doing everything handmade as opposed to stencils, airbrushing, etc. because it just feels more organic to me.....I don't at all knock anyone who uses those methods but I just feel more comfortable doing everything by hand but I digress....

Anyway, for those unfamiliar with the Digi Camo (Digital Camouflage) pattern, here's an example of what it looks like:

And here's the base shoe I used for the project: The Jordan 13 "Grey Toe":

And here's more pics of the finished product:

As you can see, the colors are different but the pattern sticks to the basic idea.  Originally I was thinking of just leaving this as one of my few scrapped projects but have decided to accept orders for these...however, I will only be accepting a few (like in the 5 to 10 range).  All of the ordering info is at the link below:

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Customer Spotlight: Seattle Seahawks customs

It's already well known that the Seattle Seahawks were defeated in the Super Bowl by the New England Patriots....however, this hasn't stopped Seahawks fans from showing their loyalty and support.  This was evidenced by two recent commissions I received within the timeframe of the game.

First, a client contacted me about having some Jordan 3s done in a Seahawks theme.  When coming up with the theme, I knew immediately which Jordan 3 would be the perfect canvas for the idea: the Jordan 3 "Joker":

I thought the light green sole and inner liner would accent the theme perfectly considering that the team has that same green as one of their colors.  The finished product was this:

The shoes feature the dark blue & light green from the team colors along with the pattern from their uniform (pattern was hand done and in a larger size to make it stand out more) along with the Seattle Seahawks logo:

Not long after getting this request, another client requested 2 pairs of Jordan 7s for his children (1 toddler size, 1 grade school size).  The base shoe used for those was the Jordan 7 French Blue:

And the finished product:

This pair was a little more subtle than the Jordan 3 version done before it but still pops with the classic team colorway (which I happen to love).  These feature the Seahawks logo as well.

Interested in having a custom shoe done with your favorite team?  Order yourself a pair with your favorite team, no matter what sport or league.  Whether it's a pro team, college, high school, or even little league or developmental can be done!  Contact me at for a quote.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Customer Spotlight:

Recently a friend of mine from my hometown of Philly recommended my work to a co-worker of his who was looking to have a pair of custom air force 1s done representing their company known as PhillyJunk, which specializes in residential and commercial junk removal (btw, I live in Brooklyn but grew up in Philadelphia for those who didn't know).  The basic idea was to have something with the company logo incorporated into it, which consists of a teal truck silhouette w. a black silhouette of the city in the background.

I not only incorporated the company logo, but the website as well and the logo colors throughout the shoe.  Using a pair of all white Nike Air Force 1s as the base, here is the finished result below:

As you can see, the toebox features the company logo while the rest of the shoe features the logo colors throughout and the website on the sides.  I also added the silhouette on the swoosh since I thought it was a nice touch.  I was given creative freedom to do what I wanted on these as long as it included the company logo.  Nothing over the top but still a nice clean design that sticks to the original theme.  Unfortunately I was unable to get as many good pics as I wanted to because of the weather (we got hit with snow around the time I did these and it got in the way of getting the photos I wanted.....can't wait till spring!).

If you have an idea for a custom shoe of your own, contact me at