Thursday, February 16, 2017

"Bullet Club"

The latest of my wrestling themes is based on probably the most popular faction in professional wrestling.  The Bullet Club is a wrestling faction in Ring Of Honor Wrestling and New Japan Pro Wrestling consisting of Cody Rhodes (son of the legendary Dusty Rhodes), Adam Cole (ROH World Champion), Kenny Omega, The Young Bucks (ROH World Tag Team Champions), Hangman Page, Guerrillas of Destiny (G.O.D.), Frankie Kazarian, Yujiro Takahashi, Bad Luck Fale, & Bone Soldier.  For those who were wrestling fans in the 90's, think a new and improved version of the NWO (but with better talent IMO).  Former members of the group include current WWE superstars Prince Devitt (aka Finn Balor), Karl Anderson, Luke Gallows, and former world champion AJ Styles.

Recently, a close friend of mine who's also a huge wrestling fan as well as a talented artist (check out his Facebook pages...he does sports art themes and caricatures...and yes he takes commissions!) commissioned me to do some sneakers themed around the group.

The original base shoe was a pair of black and red Jordan 1s:

And here is the finished product:

The idea was to keep the shoe a basic black and white just like the logo.  The NJPW logo is featured on the rear sections and I decided to add in the "4 Life" and "Two Sweet", which are the catchphrases of the group.

I am offering custom shoes themed around your favorite wrestler and/or company...whether major, indy, current company, or past company (including companies from the territorial days).  Visit the link at my website for info:

Sunday, February 5, 2017

"Ring Of Honor"

If you're one of the few people who've followed my blog for a while you know that i'm a pretty big wrestling fan.  However, i've always tended to gravitate more towards wrestling companies that present a more athletic based style with their product.  My love of wrestling has inspired me before to do wrestling themed customs, such as My New Japan Pro Wrestling (and Great Muta) themes and my theme dedicated to one of my all time favorite companies, ECW (Extreme Championship Wrestling).  Well recently I got inspired to do a custom themed after my favorite US based promotion since ECW, and that is Ring Of Honor Wrestling.

I've been a fan of Ring Of Honor (ROH) since it was founded in 2002.  Having grown up in Philly (I now reside in Brooklyn NY), I've always had plenty of wrestling to choose from as Philly has always been a hotbed for wrestling since before I was even born.  I was a big fan of the Crockett Era NWA/WCW as a kid so I was always more drawn to that more technical and gritty style of wrestling since childhood.  Then in the 90s I was a diehard ECW fan who went to all the shows at the ECW Arena at Swanson & Ritner (now known as the 2300 Arena, which is where ROH also runs when in Philly).  In early 2001, ECW went out of business, leaving a huge void in the Philly wrestling scene and in the overall scene worldwide.  A year later, a unique company named Ring Of Honor would fill that void.

Like its predecessor, ROH developed a rabid loyal fanbase that remains to this day.  However, the company would develop more of its own style and image as opposed to being a repeat of ECW but also still have the same focus on the in-ring product.  Unlike the "Sports Entertainment" style of WWE, ROH focuses on the athletic side of professional wrestling and presents wrestling in a different manor, even having the option of wrestlers doing the "Code of Honor" before matches which is when opponents shake hands before combat.  The company also has a working relationship with New Japan Pro Wrestling, which is Japan's top wrestling company.

As for the shoes, I wanted to keep the design fairly simple, keeping the ROH logo as the focus and standout part the design.  The shoe I used to make them was the Nike Air Force 1 High:

Although this theme could've been done on nearly any shoe I specifically wanted a high top shoe for this particular theme.  The Air Force 1 high was perfect for me because it kind of gives me a wrestling boot type of vibe with the design.

And just for fun, I got some pics of the ROH & NJPW shoes together (Inspired by their Global Wars events):

Since posting the ROH shoes, I've gotten a number of likes, comments, and shares from fans, members of the roster, various independent talent, and the company themselves.  I really had a lot of fun with this project and would love to do more wrestling themed shoes whether themed after the companies themselves or members of the talent rosters.

If you represent a wrestling promotion (any company), are a talent in the wrestling business, or just a die hard fan like myself and want a cool wrestling themed sneaker, boot, etc., contact me at or  I can also be reached through the contact form section of the website,

Elom Bowman
Ecentrik Artistry

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Customer Spotlight: "Gatis Kandis"

First post for the new year!  Had been meaning to post these for a couple weeks now (better late than never).  I was recently commissioned by a friend of mine to do a pair of custom Adidas for UK based comedian Gatis Kandis.

I was looking forward to this project because our mutual friend is a long time friend and supporter of mine plus I think Gatis's videos are absolutely hilarious.  The idea was to make something based around his logo which says "Are you well?  No, you are a person".

The original shoe used for this custom was the timeless classic Stan Smith Adidas:

And here is the finished product:

As you can see, both sides of the shoe feature the logo written in brown lettering along with the well on the left shoe and the person on the right shoe.  I added a cool leopard print to give the shoes some pizzazz and added his signature to the tongues.

And to my surprise, a week or so later I see this awesome video made by Gatis himself!  Thank you Gatis!

For all custom orders and inquiries, visit the website at  Also be sure to follow Ecentrik Artistry on Instagram and Facebook.

Friday, December 30, 2016

Customer Spotlight: "Superman" Air Jordan 1

Many people may have seen the Justice League series from March 2016 which featured a Superman themed shoe.  Well recently a client contacted me about doing a Superman theme again, but this time using the Jordan 1 shoe.

I wanted to keep the idea a little simpler than the original Jordan 6 version but at the same time not too the idea was to keep most of the shoe in the traditional costume colors with the classic S symbol and add some abstract style to the swoosh on the shoes.  Here is the base shoe:

Followed by the finished product:

(Figure not included - added for photo purposes only)

For all custom inquiries: or




Tuesday, November 22, 2016

"Misty Knight"

The idea for these came from an old baby picture of me with my mom.  I mentioned how she resembled Marvel Comics character Misty Knight (mom was rocking an awesome fro' in the pic) and she gave me the idea to make her a pair of boots themed after the character.  For those unaware, Misty Knight is a Marvel super hero and supporting character in the Luke Cage Netflix series.  In the comics, she's a kick ass super hero with a metal arm who's skilled in martial arts, has super strength, and is the love interest of Iron Fist (who's Netflix series debuts next spring).

The base for the custom was a pair of women's black leather Timberland boots.  I decided to go primarily red for the base color (similar to the above pic) and added a comic book-like style and here's the finished product:

I even included the Daughters of the Dragon logo on the hangtag that came with the boots (Daughters of the Dragon is a comic book series starring Misty Knight and Colleen Wing).  And as an added bonus, I even made my mom a Misty Knight painting:

The painting is actually themed after Misty's 70's look from the Power Man & Iron Fist comics from that era.  It was specifically inspired by a photo of one of my favorite comic book artists, John Byrne.  I always loved his style and was a big fan of his Misty drawings as they captured that 70's era perfectly.

The boots and the painting:

They even got some acknowledgement from the TV Misty Knight herself:

The boots and painting are a 1 of 1 but similar themes can be done.  Contact via the Ecentrik Artistry website for all inquiries.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Captain America version 2.0

I've been looking to do another Captain America theme since doing the custom Reebok pair for Joe Quesada's daughter last year.  And since I had a pair of white Stan Smith Adidas laying around that I had no idea what to do with (literally been trying to think of what to do with them for months), I decided one night to do something themed around Steve Rogers, the First Avenger.

Nothing too over the top here...just a comic style Cap featured on both shoes along with his "I'm just a kid from Brooklyn" quote from the movies.

This is a personal pair but if you'd like to have Captain America or any other comic book theme gracing a pair of your shoes (any company), click here for ordering info.  In the meantime, check out more photos below: