"Slowly Regaining Consciousness" 1-of-1's

(click for larger view)

Just wanted to show off a 1-of-1 design of mine (1 of 1 meaning that this style is a one of a kind that won't be reproduced). It's kind of a lengthy story on why I called them "Slowly Regaining Consciousness", as the idea has a personal meaning to me with each color representing certain moments/times of my life recently. The black area in the back representing going through certain difficult times and struggle, the orange representing the "getting back on my feet but still not quite where I wanna be yet" time of my life (as I type this, i'm kinda back & forth between the black & orange), and the yellow representing the level that i'm striving to reach. Notice how the yellow check extends thru the black & orange on the side..that represents me "keeping my eyes on the prize" so to speak, so basically when i'm in the black area or orange area, i'm keeping my focus on the yellow because that's my ultimate goal.

Also, notice how in the orange area there's a few black dots and how in the yellow there's a few orange dots...that represents how no matter how much things are improving in life, not every day is going to be perfect. There will still be a time or two here and there where things aren't perfect in life, but you still gotta keep your eyes and focus on your ultimate goal whatever that may be. Like I said these are 1-of-1's, but I may break the rule here and do a very limited run of these if I get enough feedback (click picture to see larger image).