"Broken Switchboard" AF1: A pain in the @$$

For what should've been a pretty simplistic design (well, at least for me), especially since not a lot of colors were used, making these were a little bit of a pain. First off I accidentally knocked over a bottle of paint before I even got started (what a way to start, huh? At least I didn't spill it all). Also some of the purple lines didn't come out exactly how I wanted them to and the strings are slightly off (searched forever for some purple strings). But overall I think they still came out decent. I've been sitting on this design for a good while & i'm glad to finally get it done, even if it's not my best stuff.
I've had times where i've done a style or two that I wasn't totally satisfied with yet other people loved them & praised it to death. But then i've always been critical of my own work anyway, since i'm always trying to make my most recent design better than the one before it (i'm pretty sure all artists go through that). Anyway, i'm sure i'll rock these soon as I find something to wear them with. Feedback? (Constructive) Criticism? It's all welcome.