From The Archives: "Channel 8000" Air Force One Low

Here's an old pair i've had sitting on my computer that I never displayed before. These are based on a design I came up with about a litle over a year ago. When I came up with the design, I was kinda going for a futuristic-type theme. Around the time that I came up with it, I was watching alot of futuristic-type movies (The Matrix, Equilibrium, Ultraviolet...alot of people I know hated that movie but I actually liked it..the visuals & action sequences were awesome). I also watched alot of Batman Beyond (i'm a big comic book fan) and listened to alot of Kool Keith's stuff as well as lots of drum-n-bass/electronic music (both of which i'm real into) so I just happened to be feeling those types of vibes which I guess inspired this project. I kept setting it aside to do other stuff until eventually I finally decided to bring it to life. It was also the 1st time I did the fade effect on the swoosh (which was done by hand and not by was very tricky but I think I pulled it off. I saw a video on youtube recently where SBTG showed how to do the same effect and mine might not be as good as his but still a decent job nontheless). Hope you like it!