Customer Spotlight: Blake's Kicks

Something new i'm playing around with...i'm thinking of periodically doing what I call Customer Spotlight, in which i'll do a feature on an order that I've done for a recent or past client. At the moment it's something that i'll be doing sporadically (in between other stuff I have going on). Here's some pics of a recent order I did for a customer. Although not something I usually do (or have ever done for that matter), I kinda felt like just showing off a special commission that was done for a client.

The client requested a pair of custom air force ones done in red and black. He mentioned how much he liked the "Inside Out" Custom Air Force One Low pictured in the store on my website and wanted me to incorporate elements from it into his shoes, but unlike the Inside Out customs he wanted the majority of the shoe to remain white. He also requested to have his name 'Blake' done in sort of a graffiti like style. I sent a sketch of what the item would look like and after receiving approval, the actual work began. Here's a couple photos of the finished product: