New website up

The newly redone is up and running! I decided to move away from the flash website design and go with something a little simpler and cleaner. I've had people tell me they had difficulties viewing the old site because their computer (or workplace's computer) couldn't view flash websites, so that was one of my motivations for changing to a non-flash site. Another was that I wanted to have an option for people who wanted to purchase a pair of my shoes off the site directly, so for this I added a checkout cart option. For people who have special commission requests and/or inquiries, there is a contact page where you can leave questions/inquiries (serious inquiries only please). Also, each pair of shoes have a description to go along with them as well as prices and available sizes. I'm also in the process of working out the ability for repeat customers to receive discounts on their future orders (the plan is to have repeat customers receive a discount code to use at checkout). Not to mention there's a new Ecentrik logo!

As previously stated, each design will have a limited run or be a 1-of-1 as there will constantly be new designs added. Opinions? feel free to let me know what you think.