"Symbiote" Custom Blazer High

I had been wanting to do a custom with some Nike Blazers for a while now (despite the fact that i've never really worn Blazers..ironic I know). Usually I like to map out a design before I go in and begin the actual work, but for this one I pretty much winged it. I had the basic idea in my head but changed up certain details as I went along. For years I used to do all my designs strictly off memory..no sketching out ideas beforehand, no writing down what I would do, just memory, my shoes, and my materials, and got pretty good results most of the time. Later I started drawing out my designs beforehand and although I can still do the off-the-top-of-my-head thing, I noticed I get better results when I map out my work first as it gives me the opportunity to fine tune some details and work out any kinks so to speak.

The shoe was slightly inspired by the comic book character Venom from the Spider-Man comics, who's powers & costume are a living entity known as an alien symbiote, which bonds with it's host and shares the same connection with the person it's connected to..their emotions, rage, etc. The alien symbiote was the inspiration behind the black pattern which lays over the charcoal gray base color. The pale turquoise shade was added in simply due to my love of bright colors (although I was originally going to use magenta or red).

This shoe will be available in limited quantities on Ecentrik.net and is scheduled for release on February 22, 2010.