Playstation Air Force One Low: My Remake

I'm not really into doing remakes of other shoes (since I prefer to do my own original designs), but I've always been a fan of the Playstation Air Force One release. The only problem was that the shoes were produced in limited quantities (just like my own originals!) and for the most part would only be given to a selective few (probably mostly celebrities, big wigs at Sony, etc.). The only other options were to buy fakes (and I wasn't about to do that..if you read my "I've been bootlegged" post you know my feelings towards fakes) or to bid for them on ebay where I hear the average rate is like $1000. And I thought to myself "being a shoe artist there should never be any need for me to bid on something that I can make on my own..that would be like a gourmet chef hiring another chef to cook for him!".

So I decided to do something I usually never do..a remake of another shoe. I pretty much just downloaded 2-3 pics of the original shoe and worked from that. The fade part was a little tricky since I don't use an airbrush & did it by hand, but other than that it was a pretty easy duplication. There are a few minor differences however, for one the original has the Playstation logo stitched on while mine has a hand-painted logo. Also the shoe tongue is all black on the original while mine is black with a light blue outline (the base shoe was White/Caroline blue)..I left the outline blue because I thought it helped set off the look of the shoe tongue. Finally, the stitching in the midsole or the original is white while the stitching on mine is light blue and I used SB Dunk shoe strings as opposed to regular Nike strings (it was hard to find regular purple strings & I didn't feel like having to order them online and wait a week for one pair of shoestrings). Overall I think they came out pretty good..I even attempted the patent leather style finish by applying a glossy sealant over the shoes (something I actually done before to give the shoe a patent leathery look & feel).

These are 1-of-1s (meaning I don't plan on doing another pair of these) that I just wanted for my personal collection. Below I have some pics of the actual process as well as some comparisons between mine & the original.