Ecentrik Presents: The Spectrum Series

Back when I started doing customs in 2002, I mostly stuck to what's referred to as 'Basic Colorway' designs, meaning custom shoes consisting of basic solid color combinations. No abstract design patterns or pictures, just shoes consisting of various colorways. I used to sell these basic colorway designs to friends and associates for prices that would be considered dirt cheap in the custom world. As time went on I developed my craft by experimenting with new styles and techniques and got into doing more detailed and abstract type of art on not just sneakers, but other types of footwear such as womens boots and dress shoes (I still have old sample pairs of womens custom high heels that I was going to put on ebay but never got around to it). As a result of the style changes, my work began to fall more into the high end category, with customs shoes selling in the $300+ range.

Although I went the high-end route with my work and enjoyed (and still enjoy) doing highly detailed stuff, I never lost my love for cleaner, simpler basic colorway styles although by this time I had gone years without doing them. But recently I got the inspiration to sort of "return to my roots" with what I call the Spectrum Series (the name referring to the colors of the spectrum).

Unlike my more detailed work that many are used to seeing from Ecentrik, the Spectrum Series customs are not limited edition and will be available in both mens AND womens sizes. Also, beings as though they are basic colorway customs, each pair from the series will be listed at a much lower price (!) than my more detailed work. Think of them as economy priced customs with the same grade A quality that has always been provided by Ecentrik Shoe Artistry.

The series starts off with the 3 styles pictured below and the current plan is to put out a new colorway on either a monthly or bi-montly basis.

Orange/Turquoise Air Force One Mid:

Red/Blue Air Force One Low:

Grey/Turquoise/Black Air Force One Low:

All 3 styles are available on