"Extraterrestrial" Custom Air Force One Low w. customized Munny figure

The story:

One spring evening a mysterious spaceship arrived on Earth from a planet called Quaalor (Kwah-lor), a world where technology is 7000 years ahead of anything seen on earth. Many Quaalorans are well versed on Earth's history and culture. The spaceship landed in the yard of artist Elom Bowman, aka Ecentrik. To get his attention, the pilot of the spaceship morphed his ship to resemble a pair of Nike Air Force Ones, which is a popular shoe among the "sneakerheads" of Earth. A mysterious and strange looking little alien exited from the ship to greet the artist.

Xzhanus (pronounced "Zan-Us") is the leader of the Qualoorans and said to be the most brilliant mind on the planet. Xzhanus scanned the universe looking for a creative human being with unique artistic talents, and found Ecentrik's works to be his favorites. Xzhanus sought Ecentrik to commission him a pair of fancy sneakers which would feature a design patterned after Quaaloran Architecture (as well as the odd look of the alien), which would explain the conversion of his spaceship to look like a pair of sneakers. After agreeing to the project, Ecentrik went on to craft the perfect design for the Qualooran leader/scientist. Xzhanus was pleased with the earthling's efforts and even granted Ecentrik with a few gifts: A teleportation device and a free ticket to vacation anywhere in the galaxy.

(The finished product):

(Xzhanus posing with his newly designed "Spaceship")

..But seriously everybody, for a while now i've been wanting to do the custom Munny thing, so this is my first official venture into toy customizing. Most of the toys I plan to do will be sold seperately but there will be a few "exclusives" that will be toy/sneaker combos that can only be purchased with a particular shoe. The Xzhanus munny figure comes with each order of the Extraterrestrial custom air force one lows. But don't wait..these shoes are limited editions and will only be available for a short time.