Name Change (well sorta..)

Many of you may have noticed (if you even care) that I dropped the word "shoe" from the company name, thus shortening the name to Ecentrik Artistry. Am I giving up customizing shoes? No, not by a longshot. The reason why I dropped "shoe" from the title is because there are plans for Ecentrik Artistry to present custom items that aren't directly related to shoes. Coming soon there will be such items as customized vinyl toys (as seen with the Xhzanus figure that comes with the Extraterrestrial Air Force One customs). While there will be more toy figure/custom sneaker combos in the future, most of the custom vinyl toy figures will be sold seperately and will be priced much lower than the custom sneakers.

So many ideas and plans for the future (both sneaker related and non-sneaker related). Keep watching for further updates.

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