"Cocktail Lounge" Custom Dunk Low (1-of-2)

Here's a recently finished custom I like to call the Cocktail Lounge. The idea came from a restaurant lounge I used to frequent a year or two ago. I wanted to do something that reminded me of the things I loved about that restaurant..the decor, the vibe, and the drinks (I don't drink alcohol but they made a mean fruit punch!). So I came up with the Cocktail Lounge Dunk Low, which I originally intended to be a 1-of-1 design. However, after seeing the finished product I was so pleased that I made a 2nd pair for myself! So the 1-of-1 pictured here became a 1-of-2 shoe. The shoe is a size 10 and also comes with a free cocktail glass & mini umbrella. The perfect combination for when you want to look stylish while sipping on the drink of your choice.

These shoes can be ordered at the link here.