Ecentrik Custom Vinyl Toys

Custom toys have always fascinated me to a degree. I remember years ago 2 friends of mine came back from a comic book convention with some custom Marvel figures that they bought (I still was Namor The Sub Mariner, Vision, and Wonder Man..and the figures were made from those old Kenner Super Powers figures if i'm not mistaken). I remember even trying my hand at a custom figure a year or so later (which was even before I was customizing kicks) but it didn't come out too well.

Fast forward years later..a company called Kidrobot emerges (you may have heard of them) with a ton of unique figures and even develops a set of do-it-yourself blank munny dolls for customers to customize. After seeing some nice customs across the web, I decided to try my hand at making a few of my own...but I wanted to come up with my own concepts for each one as opposed to doing already known characters and images (sort of like I do with my custom shoes). So after drawing up a few designs, I came up with my first few (note: see the "Extraterrestrial Air Force One Low" blog post for my Xhzanus figure, which was my 1st official munny release):


"Strange Pet"

"Dimension Traveler"

"Mutant Guy"

These figure are about 4 inches tall and each figure will either be a 1-of-1 release or a limited edition release which may consists of anywhere between 5 to 20 of a particular figure. Price ranges will be between $30-$80.

The Ecentrik custom vinyl toys will be for sale on later this summer. More designs to come.