"1980-Something" Custom Dunk High (1-of-1)

The reason I call these "1980 Something":

One day I reflected on how nowadays I noticed a lot of people seem to like certain trends that were popular in the 80s: Slimmer fitting jeans, old-school haircuts, fat rope chains, big earrings, super-colorful gear, etc. Some of these trends may fade out while others are probably here to stay.

(all photos are courtesy of their respective sites)

So having this in mind (along with the fact that i'm into colors myself) I put together the 1980-something custom dunk high.

Here's the shoe that I used:

And here's the finished product:

The shoe contains a colorful abstract 80s style design combined with a darker abstract pattern more along the lines of something I would more likely do today. I realized halfway through working on these that the colorway slightly resembled Nike's Huxtable dunks, which wasn't done intentionally..in fact I may have went with a different colorway had I realized that early on but overall the shoes still stays with the concept.