Ecentrik Artistry X Sweatshop Clothing: "Sweatshop Madness" custom dunk high

Here's a pair of custom dunks I completed recently for Nizos of Sweatshop Clothing that I titled "Sweatshop Madness". Sweatshop Clothing, based in Cincinnati, is run by Nizos who is a multi-talented artist in his own right..he also Customizes Shoes & Clothing,as well as tatoo art (look up Pushin Ink Tatoo if you're in the Cincinnati area) and Photoshoping graphics (he's done some cool logos for Ecentrik..more on that in a minute)...did I mention he also does music? I've known Nizos for a little while now and this is the first Sweatshop x Ecentrik related project.

Here's the base shoe that was used:

and here's the finished product:

As I mentioned before, Nizos of Sweatshop does some of the hottest logo designs i've ever seen! Check out some of the logos he's done for Ecentrik Artistry (the last one being my favorite):

Looking to get some logo work done or just wanna purchase some Sweatshop clothing related stuff? Check out his websites & facebook pages (I also added Sweatshop to my links section):



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    1. ha my shoes.....hottest in the nati...Do it big izo.


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