Ehvonnae: Ver. 2.0 Custom Dunk High w. "A little Surprise"

As seen in the previous post regarding the grand opening of Ehvonnae in Brooklyn, I did a live customization during the weekend of the opening. Well I decided to do a second pair for the lovely Brittanie, who is the owner of Ehvonnae. This time I wanted to do something a little more detailed as well as get a little more creative with the artwork. After a short brainstorm session, here's what I came up with:

Ehvonnae: "Version 2.0"

I went out and purchased the same exact base shoe that I used in the first design and totally changed the design and colorway, adding a cool lavender shade with a black pattern and a cartoony 'Ehvonnae' logo to the side of the right shoe. But that's not all..

Who's that peeking out from the side of the box?

It's none other than Carlito!

Having seen the new custom shoe, Brittanie Yvonne's little helper Carlito decided to get in on the action. With his custom name tag & matching colors, Carlito joins in on the fun and can be seen hanging around at the Ehvonnae store.

If you're in the NY area be sure to check out Ehvonnae in the Dumbo section of Brooklyn. Also check it out online at

  • Be on the lookout from some collaborations from Ehvonnae & Ecentrik coming soon!


    1. Carlito is soooo adorable!! Nice personal touches! how much are your custom shoes running for? like what would be a price quote to do a sexy siren/mermaid on some dunks? or what about some raadi sneakers? I love your work!

    2. Thanks for the comments! Customs start at $75 plus the cost of the shoes. Prices usually depend on the amount of detail that goes into a particular design. You can contact me at or and let me know what you have in mind and i'll give you a quote.


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