"Freakshow Unleashed!" Custom Air Force One Low w. custom Freakshow figure

Who is the Freakshow?

Freakshow is an intergalactic tatoo artist and Jupiter's number one rock star. His real name is classified as it is unpronouncable to human beings..in fact, any attempt by a human to pronounce his real name would instantly shatter their vocal cords. He originally gained fame for being the first tatoo artist to tatoo his whole body himself. He then later formed a rock band called "Atrocious", a unique rock band which created their own subgenre known as 'Thirsty Metal' and gained fame throughout the galaxy with their hit single "Piranahs On My Couch", which hit #1 on the Jupiter and Venus music charts. Years later, Freakshow pursued a solo career which produced 3 hit albums "The New Experiment", "Safety Hazard" and the classic "Alien Bandits Stole My Socks". Despite his popularity and cult following amongst fans from various galaxies in the tatoo art and rock music cultures, Freakshow became a controversial figure due to his incitement of riots at shows, numerous drunken stage performances, and various run ins with the law (the famous "21st Day" incident is well documented, in which Freakshow encouraged fans to trash the venue during a performance on Saturn, the 21st stop of his "Life of Chaos" tour, causing him to be barred from any future performances there).

During a performance on Neptune, a planet known for it's low tolerance for chaos, a drunken Freakshow attempted to ride his glider pods through the crowd, which is a safety hazard. Neptune authorities arrested Freakshow midway through his performance for disorderly conduct but was released on bail while awaiting his hearing. Freakshow was later arrested again after a show for not showing up at his trial hearing. After weeks of protests from groups of his loyal fans outside of the Neptune police station where he was being held, Freakshow eventually planned a daring and successful escape from a Neptune prison and has been on the run ever since.

And only YOU can capture him!

Freakshow custom figure:

Pictured here is the Freakshow figure, which contains his bizarre tatoos from head to toe as well as a barcode tatoo on the back of his head (which reads "Ecentrik" backwards).

Freakshow's "Glider Pods" (aka the "Freakshow Unleashed" custom air force one low):

The kicks feature the same tatoo style pattern as seen on the custom figure. If you look closely you can see some features of Freakshow's face on the side panel of the shoe towards the front area. The shoe also has custom "Freakshow Unleased" shoe tags as well as the labeled Freakshow box.

Each made to order pair will come with the Freakshow figure. These are listed as Limited Edition because only 5 pairs of these shoes will be made along with 5 figures, meaning a figure for each pair of shoes (the 5 pairs do not count the promo pair pictured). You can view the "Freakshow Unleashed" pack ordering info at the link underneath the video (Note: there are no particular sizes listed because it's 'first come, first served').

Official "Freakshow Unleashed!" Video:

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