Facebook users: wanna win a free pair of custom kicks from Ecentrik?

Attention facebook users:

I'm planning to hold a giveaway/contest for a free pair of custom kicks (either something previously done or a totally new design), but there's one issue...the page currently doesn't have enough supporters for me to do the contest.

As of this post, the page only has 178 supporters and i'm looking to get to the 300 mark before I do the giveaway/contest. So here's where you guys come in:

Suggest as many of your friends to the Ecentrik Fan Page (see the fan box to the right of the page to go directly to the fan page..of course you'll need to log in to your facebook account)..and if you're not already a fan yourself, join by hitting the 'like' button under the page title.

If the giveaway/contest is successful, then I will hold a second giveaway when the page reaches another hundred supporters.

And on top of that, i'm also planning some discount for facebook supporters who purchase custom shoes from Ecentrik Artistry (details are still being worked out on that one & will be announced in a future blog)..but none of this will happen without your support!

So suggest the page to your friends, your friends' friends, etc. If you and/or your friends are sneakerheads, that's even better! Come show your support for the Ecentrik Artistry fan page!

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      Custom Facebook fan pages are very inexpensive, some are free but this option does not include advertising on certain profiles.


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