1-Of-1custom: "New Years Eve 2046" Air Force One Low

First & Foremost, I want to wish everyone a Happy New Year and send a thank you to everyone who supported Ecentrik Artistry throughout 2010...let's keep it going in 2011!

While we're on the topic of New Years, not too long ago I attended a New Years celebration...in the year 2046.

Yes you heard right..I traveled to the future..specifically the year 2046..to celebrate the new year and bring in the year 2047 (I got a ride there in Doc Brown's Delorean..me and some dude named Marty McFly). Attending the celebration were such dignitaries as Terry McGinnis aka Batman Beyond, Duncan Mcleod aka Highlander, Optimus Prime, and rapper Kool Keith (who performed for the crowd at Times Square) among others. During the trip I ran into an old friend who's a fellow artist, a "Myster E-Man" (old-school reference for my people who know the history..especially those I knew from the Myspace days) who gave me the inspiration for what would later become the NYE 2046 custom shoes.

Here's more pics of the shoes I wore to the celebration:

To everyone in the present & the future..Ecentrik Artistry wishes you all a Happy new year and thank you for all your support!