"Aesthetic Symmetry" Custom Air Force One Low

Definition: having a sense of the beautiful; characterized by a love of beauty.

Symmetry [sim-i-tree]
Definition: beauty based on or characterized by such excellence of proportion.

When most people hear about beauty, the first thing they usually think of is the physical beauty of a person (myself included). But beauty doesn't only apply to a person's physical attributes. There can be beauty in many other things that we as people see every day & sometimes take for granted, whether big or small. Beauty can also reside in other things that don't necessarily have to do with one's physical appearance. How many times have you been impressed by the looks of a city skyline at night or "wowed" by the fancy lighting of Christmas decorations during the holiday? Even things such as a painting, a nice drawing, architecture, or even the finesse of the way a professional athlete makes an awesome scoring play (yeah that sounds silly...but i'm watching a basketball game as I type this!)..there's a certain beauty in the way those things are shown and/or executed... and Aesthetic Symmetry represents that type of beauty.

This shoe was originally planned as a 1-of-1 but will be a general release to be available to order in both mens & womens sizes (the display pair in the pick, which will also be offered for purchase, is a boys size 6).

This made-to-order shoe will be available in the Ecentrik Online Store on January 1, 2011.