Happy New Year 2011 - 30% Off Sale

To celebrate the new year, Ecentrik Artistry is having a 30% off sale on selected items in the Online Store!! This includes new and older items, including 1-of-1 customs (Sale does not include items from the spectrum series).

Just enter the code ESAJAN11 at checkout and the discount will be taken from your order. If ordering the "Freakshow Unleashed" limited edition customs, which must be ordered directly by emailing info@ecentrikart.net, you can include the code within your email (whether or not code is included in email the discount will still be taken). Again the 30% off sale code does not include the Spectrum Series items & will be removed from the final order if added.

Any questions can be sent to info@ecentrikart.net or ecentrikart@yahoo.com. To go to the online store click the link in the links section to the left of the page or click the link below.

Happy Shopping!

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