"Facial Features" Custom Dunk Low (1-of-1)

Here's a 1-of-1 custom for my personal collection. The reason I named these Facial Features is basically because I randomly looked up this image from an old Japanese Anime..

(I don't know who this character is but I thought it looked cool)

..and decided to take her facial features and scramble them up randomly onto a pair of dunks I had laying around:

(stock photo of the shoes I used - before customization)

And here's the final result:

If you look closely, you'll notice the eyes on the side and rear panels of the shoes. The panels on the front and shoestring areas are a variation of the shading in the girl's hair while the yellow on the swoosh are from her headband. And finally, the tan shade in the toe box, tongue, and upper rear panel represent her skin tone. This particular shoe idea was completely random but came out pretty well. While this particular version is a 1-of-1, I may be up for doing a variation if desired although due to the fact that this particular base shoe was an On Sale item at the outlet I purchased it from (there were only 2 of them left in 2 different sizes..I managed to get both but have another design mapped out for the other one), I would probably have to use a different dunk/base shoe. Comments? Criticism? Opinions are welcome!