My first canvas customs

It's hard to believe in all the years that I have been doing custom shoes that I never tried my hand at canvas shoes until now. Maybe it's because I can't even remember the last time I wore canvas shoes (I think it was sometime in the late 90s). Anyway I have seen a few other artists do some cool things with canvas kicks and decided to try my hand at a pair.

The design of these don't really have a particular theme. In fact, the design is actually a throwaway that I was going to use on a pair of dunk highs but ended up scrapping the idea. Since this was my 1st pair of canvas kicks I didn't plan on getting too "deep" with the concept and just dug up the old unused design and put it on these mainly just to see how a pair of canvas shoes from me would turn out. The process is slightly different from leather shoes (didn't have to do the same preparation process as with leather), although I feel like the paint is easier to apply on leather as I found myself having to use more paint in certain areas on these than I would have to do on leather. I feel like the black areas on these didn't come out as smoothly as I would have liked them to and as they do on leather (you probably can't tell from the pics). But like anything, practice makes perfect and I definitely plan to do more canvas shoes that I will actually sell (this particular pair isn't for sale and is just a sample pair).

Feedback? Opinions? Drop me a to hear them. :)