"Mysterious Hybrid" (Dunk Low Prototype)

Here's a view of a design I call "Mysterious Hybrid" (not to be confused with the "Mysterious Liquid" Shoe that I did in the past). After completing this shoe I came to realize that I wasn't completely satisfied with the final product and have decided to retool the design concept, but thought i'd share the original design with everyone anyway (which I now look at as a prototype).

The orange and black pattern that overlays the yellow pretty much came out exactly as planned so I may keep that as is when I do the second version, but the blue & black pattern may change or be eliminated all together on the next version. The rear yellow area of the shoe contains a custom engraved pattern, which afterwards I feel as though I should have went with more of a croc or gator skin-type look (not sure if i'll incorporate that into the next shoe or not at the moment). The other thing is that i'm actually considering making the new version of these on a completely different shoe (not a dunk or air force one). In any case, I will still be wearing these prototype ones...

Feedback? Comments? Would love to hear them. Thanks for viewing!


  1. I know the kids would love them the colors are great.keep up the great work.Best of luck Pat


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