Customer Spotlight - "Freshbooks" Custom Air Force Ones

The latest customer spotlight features three pairs of custom air force ones done for a group of representatives of a company known as Freshbooks, which specializes in online invoicing for businesses. This project came about when I was contacted by Saul Colt, who hails from Canada and is a member of the Freshbooks team. I've had the pleasure of meeting Saul in person and having dinner with him and some of his team members and associates and Saul is a great guy and it turns out we have a few things in common..we're both fans of comic books, pop culture, and Nike Air Force Ones! Saul is also a repeat customer of mine (check out a pair of sneakers I made for Saul previously here).

Anyway, on to the project:

I was asked to construct 3 pairs based around the company logo:

And here's the finished product:

And there you have it...Freshbooks Air Force Ones!

I'm currently working on separate project for Saul as well that I can't wait to show everyone when it's completed...and trust me it's definitely one of a kind! Also a bunch of other stuff coming up in the months to come so stay tuned!


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