Ecentrik Artistry X ENI INC. "Poisonous Venom" Collabo

Some of you may remember the original video teaser for the collabo:

Well, it's finally here!! Ecentrik Artistry and ENI Inc. Present the official 1st collaboration entitled "Poisonous Venom"!

The project came about when Wil of ENI Inc., based in Bronx NY, contacted me about a possible collaboration. Having seen his custom t-shirt and artwork I immediately jumped at the chance to put something together and was anxious to start our "meeting of the minds". The main thing that stands out to me about his work is how original it is from the concepts to the way the shirts are constructed..the stitching, the patching, the painting, everything! When I first saw his work up close and in person it was like "forget what you know about custom shirts...this here is next level"! So after lots of back & forth contact, tossing ideas around, sending each other preliminary pics, and doing some hanging out & chopping it up about new ideas, the Poisonous Venom project became a reality! Yes there were a few delays but we still made it happen.

Check out the pics:

(Front of shirt)

(Back of shirt)

The combo is currently for sale and has already gotten tons of feedback and inquiries after just one day! From what I have heard from Wil, the ENI Inc. online store will be opening soon, so check out & support ENI Inc. for the hottest custom gear out & of course Ecentrik Artistry for custom footwear. Ecentrik & ENI are also planning something new down the road so stay tuned!

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