Aurora Borealis: The Collection

Since the original 1-of-1 version got such a huge response..

Ever since premiering the Aurora Borealis Custom Dunk Highs, which were originally intended to be a 1-of-1 for my own personal collection, I have been getting quite a few messages and emails from people asking how and if they can order this particular shoe. This shoe has also gotten a lot of press on various sneaker blogs and fashion/streetwear websites (thank you to The Freshstock, Sole Redemption, and all the other websites & blogs that have shown love!). As a result, Ecentrik Artistry will be releasing the Aurora Borealis Series!

The Aurora Borealis series will feature the same design seen on the previous pair of dunks (both in the same and different colorways), but this time the northern lights phenomenom will be depicted on not only dunks, but also Nike Air Force Ones, Nike Air Max, and most likely another dunk version as well as possibly another to-be-determined shoe. The particular dunk shoe that the original was done on is a somewhat difficult to find base shoe, but if that same shoe can be tracked down (the nike dunk high - swan/anthracite), then I will include the original version in the collection and will even start making more of it immediately!

(The Nike Dunk High East - Swan-Anthracite dunk that was used to do the original. If anyone can tell me where to purchase more of this shoe it would help greatly!)

The Aurora Borealis Collection is scheduled for April 2011.