Help save 5 Pointz!

This particular entry isn't about a new pair of kicks that i'm working on, but about saving a place that's been a huge inspiration to me as an artist..The 5 Pointz building in Queens, NY.

It was one summer on a Saturday when a cousin of mine first showed me the legendary building. Just from seeing it out the window while riding the train to Queens had me in absolute awe. I remember it like it was yesterday..from my view there was a big picture of Notorious B.I.G. done in graffiti on the side and from that moment I was thinking "Damn..why didn't I bring my camera to get a pic of Biggie?". But that was just the beginning. Once we got off the train and got to the building I would see some of the most beautiful artwork I had ever witnessed. This building, which was founded by Curator & graffiti veteran Jonathan Cohen aka "Meres One" (his graffiti tag), was basically a graffiti art museum. Now I had long been exposed to the graffiti artform but at the time never had I seen an entire building dedicated to it!

One of my favorite artists who's work I came across is artist CourtesNYC. He has some amazing work which can be seen all over 5 Pointz and is easily one of the top 5 artists out there. Check out his youtube channel here:

CORTESNYC Youtube Channel

As well as a German Interview with CortesNYC:

Now the word is development wants to convert 5 Pointz into a high-rise residential tower and luxury shopping mall. I would hate to see this happen since 5 Pointz reminds me so much of 'old school' NYC. Now admittedly I originally grew up in Philly but having always followed hip hop culture since childhood, graffiti was one of those things I always identified with New York just as much as Times Square, The Statue of Liberty, etc. It's like a piece of history and to get rid of a piece of history like this in the most major of all major cities would be an absolute crime.

So I kindly ask everyone to make your voice heard. Please sign the petition and feel free to leave comments on the petition site if you would like. It cost you nothing and takes a minute or less. Lets save 5 Pointz!

Thank you.

Sign the petition here

5 Pointz Official Website