"Olive Branch" Custom Air Force One Low (1-of-1, size 10.5)

This 1-of-1 custom design was conjured up on a random pair of air force ones I had sitting around in what I like to call my "stash"..aka my stack(s) of random base shoes that I have on deck for random custom ideas. Sometimes when i'm out and about and get the feeling of doing some shoe shopping (and if it's economically feasible for me at the moment), if I see a pair I like that happens to be on sale that but might not be in my size, I may pick them up anyway & put them in my stash for an idea that may come up later.

So about a month ago I took a ride out to Atlantic City to go to an area called "The Walk", which has a bunch of outlet stores, one of which being a Nike Outlet. So I picked up two pairs of Nike Blazers there (1 mens pair & 1 womens pair..both of which I have ideas for but haven't started yet) before stopping at another sneaker store that's away from the "tourist areas" (i'm very familiar with A.C. so I know my way around pretty well :)). After checking out that store I stumbled onto another store that must have just opened since I didn't remember it last time I was there. I went there looking for a shoe that I ended up not finding but came across this shoe on my way out:

They had one pair left so I grabbed them before I left, figuring i'd come up with something later. Fast forward a month later, I came up with a design but still needed a cool colorway. So I decided on keeping the orange from the swoosh and rear heel area and adding a bright green, a color combo that I really happen to dig and that was inspired by two of my favorite sports jerseys, the St. Patrick's day edition NY Mets and NY Knicks jerseys:

So after combining those colorways & my own design idea here's the end result:

I called it 'Olive Branch' because the black pattern combined with the white spots reminded me of tree branches in a forest (I know..simple huh?). So there you have it..the Olive Branch Custom Air Force Ones!

These are a 1-of-1 design in a size 10.5 and are currently available in the Ecentrik online shop. Click the store link in the link section or go directly to the shoe here.