"Lime & Grape" Custom Air Max 1 (1-of-1)

Over the next few months, some of the shoe releases coming from Ecentrik Artistry will almost all be part of a series/collection of some kind..each usually consisting of 3 to 5 pairs of shoes for each. While individual releases (ex: Sublime Visuals, Alien Virus, etc.) and 1-of-1s won't come to an end, I plan to make them less frequent at least for the next month or two (although that can always change...sometimes when you come up with a really awesome idea that urge to put that idea out to the public can be overwhelming and just can't wait!). Anyway, here's another 1-of-1 release I thought i'd show everyone before I go on what I call my "collection binge" :)

These are the "Lime & Grape" custom Air Max 1's. Air Max 1's are one of my favorites of the Nike Air Max designs (second only to the Air Max 90s). I had been wanting to customize some Air Max 1's for a while now and was waiting for the perfect pair to get my hands on. One day I came across this cool pair in a random sneaker store on Canal Street in lower Manhattan:

The employee in the store told me it was one of two pair left in stock and one of those pair happened to be in my size. So after containing my inner excitement I proceeded to try them on and grab them since they were also on sale (!). After brainstorming on what I wanted to do with them for a day or two I decided that I would do something simple yet colorful with these. I came up with a few color combos to add to the lime green already made into the shoe and ended up going with the different shades of purple, specifically dark purple (which I haven't used much of if at all) along with a medium purple shade and a lilac shade. The end result was a cool purple and green combination:

At first I thought about calling them "Incredible Hulks" but wasn't really feeling that name for these (despite being a big comic book fan), so I went with "Lime & Grape" because, well...they reminded me of lime and grapes!

As mentioned before I want to take a short haitus from 1-of-1s and single shoe releases until I release these next few series/collections I have planned, such as the Aurora Borealis collection that i'm working on right now (as of this update, 2 of the 5 planned pair are completed), and then I have at least 3 more collections in the works as well. Chances are I may slip a 1-of-1 or single shoe regular release in here or there (because I have a ton of those planned as well) but i'm trying to make the various planned collections the priority (but like I said, plans can change).

Either way, expect a lot of releases from Ecentrik Artisty in 2011...stay tuned!