Free Sticker Giveaway!

Thanks to the good people at Sweatshop Clothing, Ecentrik Artistry got a bunch of custom stickers printed up...and I want to give some away to you for free! So if you want some free stickers, send an email to There's no catch, not contest questions, and you don't have to pay anything...just email me with name & address info & i'll ship them out to you for free! I've already gotten a few requests for some on facebook so contact me before they're all gone!

UPDATE: The free custom stickers are gone! There was an overwhelming response during the past week (around 100+ emails in less than an hour!) and have still been receiving request all week long. I hope to have more printed up soon but in the meantime, stay tuned to the facebook page (see box on right hand side of the screen) for continued updates as well as facebook fan exclusives.