Ecentrik Artistry "Summer Love" Series

Summertime is my favorite time of the year. So many cool things to do: Fun at the Jersey shores, the beaches, the boardwalks, cotton candy & funnel cakes, amusement parks, ocean surfing, cookouts, outdoor concerts/events, I can go on and what better shoe theme to do this time of year than a summer theme? There's no better time than to come up with a set of shoes based on the fun of summer, so I present the Summer Love Series:

1. "Island Cocktail" Custom Air Max 90

Now although i'm not really a drinker (don't much like the taste of alcohol) I always had this fascination with how cool a lot of those fancy drinks look..Mai Tais, Blue Hawaiians,Strawberry Daiquiris (a non-alcoholic one for me), etc..

So I wanted to do something that interpreted the colorful mixes that a lot of these drinks have, and here's the result:

The color blends represent the different fruits and flavorings that bring out brightness and taste of these different drinks (btw, the color blending/fading is done by hand and not with an airbrush). Now all that's missing is a cocktail umbrella and a straw!

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2. "Surf's Up!" Custom Air Max 90

Now i've never in my life been surfing, but the idea of hitting the cool waves on a hot summer day does seem appealing & I can see how it would be a nice adrenaline rush:

So I took the surfing idea and combined it with the idea of this cool surfboard design I came across:

So the idea of the "Surf's Up!" shoe was born:

The mix of blues on the lower panel represent the sparkling blue ocean waves while the aqua & orange pattern in the upper area was inspired by the surfboard design. There's even a silhouette on the rear panels of surfers catching some waves!

Did I mention all the sand I got in my shoes while I was taking these pics? :-)

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3. "Tropical Sunset" Custom Air Force One Low

There's nothing quite like the beauty of a nice sunset...especially one from the view of an island or beach:

So I wanted to bring out that vibe with the "Tropical Sunset" custom Air Force Ones:

The shoes have the perfect shading to represent the sun setting on a warm summer night. Complete with silhouettes of palm trees, beach sand, and seagulls (another one of my favorite reminders of summer), this shoe captures the perfect feel of a summer sunset. This shoe idea was actually conceived about 2 years ago & i'm actually glad I didn't do it then as it gave me the chance to revisit and rework it perfectly (along with inspire 2 other pair to make it a collection!).

(order the Tropical Sunset air max 90s here)

And there you have it..the Summer Love Series! These shoes are available throughout the entire summer in both men and women sizes in the online shop ( Both US and UK sizes will be listed. If you are ordering from any other area of the globe and need to know size availability feel free to contact me at

Have a happy and safe summer!!


  1. I have a dress that matches that tropical sunset almost exactly, infact I wore it today! Great minds think alike! I am saving up to get some custom shoes from you. I love your work!


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