"Emerald Sea" Limited Edition Air Force Ones w. Custom Toy

From the hidden emerald land beneath the seas comes the Emerald Sea custom air force one/vinyl figure combo! These sneakers feature pattern design representing the underwater view of the green oceans and each pair comes with a custom made "Sea Dweller" figure.

Each pair of shoes plus each vinyl toy figure is hand painted, waterproof, and crack resistant. Shipping is free on this item. There are only 5 pairs of these shoes & 5 of each toy in existence. Sizes are mens sizes and are listed under their US & UK sizes. If you need to know the sizes for another country contact info@ecentrikart.net for more info.

US 8 (UK 7)
US 9 (UK 8)
US 10 (UK 9)
US 11 (UK 10)
US 13 (UK 12)

Order these directly at the link here



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