More than just Nikes...

Although Ecentrik Artistry is mostly known for creating customized designs on Nike shoes, sometimes I encounter people who are still under the impression that those are the only brand shoes I customize. As seen in the previous update, I also customize womens heels as far as footwear goes. Not only that, but I do customize other sneaker brands (Adidas, Reebok, etc.). Although I have mostly been a Nike guy, I do like to step out of that comfort zone every so often and add my touch to other brands.

Case in point, these custom Pumas that were done for my own personal collection/wardrobe:

This is an untitled design done on the Puma Basket II sneaker. I have always liked the Basket IIs as they're my favorite Pumas ever..the only problem is that they seem to be difficult to find nowadays. Not sure if they're a seasonal shoe or if Puma puts them out in limited quantity but I had a time trying to find these although I did manage to find some on their website in the sale section in a small variety of sizes. Actually I ended up finding some all-white pairs at the newly opened Puma outlet store in Atlantic City, NJ (they also have limited quantities). I have more ideas for the Basket IIs (one of which I had to put on hold a while back because of the rarity) but until I can be guaranteed to find them in a wider variety of sizes, those ideas will either have to stay on hold or be done on another shoe (as long as the idea or ideas fit with whatever shoe's used).

Until then, check out this 1-of-1 design:

For the most part, I kept them somewhat cleaner & toned down the pattern designs as I wanted the colors to stand out more than anything else. Feedback? Opinions? Love to hear them! Want a pair? Email at and I will see what I can do.

Now all I need to do is get my hands on this....

Or this...

...and i'll be in business! ;)