Air Max 90 "Cheetah's Fury"

The cheetah: the fastest animal in the jungle. The fact that an animal can go from 0 to 62 mph in 3 seconds (!) is fascinating (I definitely wouldn't want one chasing me!).

Anyway this latest design was inspired by many variations of the Cheetah, from the actual real life version to the many different fictional versions such as the Cheetah from the Wonder Woman comics, Cheetara from Thundercats, and even Chester Cheetah from the Cheetos commercial!

So I combined all these influences into what I call "Cheetah's Fury". The shoe features a cheetah pattern resembling the animal's skin spots layered over top of an orange base color along with areas of yellow to give it a bright eye grabbing look and a gradient fade style with different shades of purple (as usual, done by hand, no airbrush) to give the shoe a somewhat sleek look. The box also features the usual custom label and a box top "Cheetah's Fury" logo with a copy of a hand-drawn picture I created of a character that i'm working on (the character's a half man/half cheetah character that i'm currently developing).

(P.S., It rained when I took a few of these pics (took them at different times of the day) but I was really determined to get some good shots so I had to work around mother nature a little :))

Here's some pics below:

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