Customer Spotlight: Custom Heels "Crystal" & "Jessica"

The custom high heels have been drawing a lot of attention & interest lately, and as a result of that interest comes the two newest customer spotlight orders for Crystal & Jessica, both from Toledo, Ohio (a city that's been showing a lot of love lately!).

First, here's Crystal's custom heels:

Crystal's shoes came about after she saw the "Behr Tha Body" heels and wanted something along those lines as far as the sparkle effect goes. So I whipped up a rough sketch idea, came up with a color scheme, and went to work. I wanted to not only add the requested sparkle effect, but add a little more diversity in the colors, which were made to match the actual colors of the shoe. The "So Beautiful" lettering was incorporated as a nickname of hers when receiving the order & I thought it would fit into the shoe nicely. The result is what you see here: something eye-catching with a unique sense of flair.

Next is Jessica's shoes:

I personally had a lot of fun making these, as I thought the color fade (which is done by hand, no airbrush) & female silhouette combination went together perfectly. The sparkle effect was included with these as well, but done a little more subtle than the previous pairs as not to take away from the color fade & silhouette. The silhouette I think gives the shoe a sexy but mysterious vibe, which is set off by the green and purple tones that compliment it.

And there you have it, another addition to the customer spotlights. Thanks to Crystal & Jessica for the love & support!

*The customer spotlight feature is done periodically to feature 1-of-1 custom orders that have original & unique themes & styles. Have a concept of your own that you would like done? Email for price quotes and other information.