"The Little Weird Scaly Lizard Dude"

Most of the time I prefer to plan out an idea before I start the creative process, but sometimes it's just fun to create something on the fly..no planning, no mapping out ideas, just get your materials, your canvas, and go with the flow, creating whatever comes to mind at the moment. That's what happened when I put together this figure that I call "The Little Weird Scaly Lizard Dude (interesting name, huh?)". This little guy was created using different shades of green and some glow in the dark dimensional fabric paint. This figure's not for sale..just something for my personal collection (though I can be persuaded to make another for those who might want one..). Check out the regular pics along with the glow in the dark pic!


  1. the last picture, i am assuming is the glow in the dark one, looks like it belongs in a Black Eyed Peas music video. lol. I love it, sooo cute

  2. Lol never thought of that! Yeah it is a glow in the dark pic. Took me forever to get that picture to come out right. I ended up letting the toy sit under a lamp for 10 minutes then turned out all the lights, turned off the flash on the camera, & took the picture really quick.


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