"This just in.."

These goodies just arrived today (thanks to the good folks at UPS):

That's right..Ecentrik Artistry T-Shirts! Designing t-shirts is something that I have been interested in doing for a while now, and being a fashion lover I look at designer tees as another way to show artistic expression. To me there's an art to fashion..I have always admired men & women who know how to put together that perfect outfit & have the mentality that getting dressed everyday is more than just throwing some clothes on, but also having an interesting sense of style. This design is called "Exclamation Point", because of..well..the exclamation point following the Ecentrik Artistry "EA" initials, representing the excitement of this new fashion venture.

A little info on what is the 1st of hopefully many more t-shirt designs:

This particular style is a limited run in mens sizes of S,M,L,XL, and XXL..only 25 of these have been made so far (5 in each size) (NOTE: just got a request for one from a friend..word gets out quick!). If things go well with this run (*fingers crossed*), then the plan is to release more designs in a wider variety of colors (many of which will match some of the available shoe designs) with more unique and creative designs as well as including more womens shirts as well as mens. So help spread the word!

To go directly to the store link, click here.

Again, spread the word..and if you're on facebook, help spread the word to your friends!



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