"Bacteria" SB Dunk Mid

Now I rarely work with mid top SB dunks (either they're made with suede, which is unworkable for me, or I rarely come across them in my travels), but when I came across these babies at a skate shop recently:

I knew I had to grab them! I had recently bought a new outfit and wanted a nice pair of kicks to go with them. So I came up with this design that I call "Bacteria":

Now I wanted something that was interesting but not overly fancy..basically something in-between. This is a design that originally was going to be used on some air force ones but decided to use them with these except I changed the color scheme to go with the outfit. The pattern on the shoe is supposed to represent how a bacteria sample looks when a scientist looks at a bacteria sample underneath a microscope (I know..weird thing to put on a shoe, right?).

Again, this is a 1-of-1 design that's not for sale. Just something I wanted to do to go with an outfit of mine.