Canvas Paintings

I recently realized that after the numerous posts of custom sneakers, toys, and logo art, that I have never posted any of my canvas paintings! So along with all of my other art I will start posting some of my latest canvas work. So I figured i'd start with these 3 pieces:
1. "Lonely Soul" (10"x10" - Acrylic on canvas) A little painting I currently have on my bedroom wall. It represents how sometimes as an artist there have been times over the years where I felt like my talent/craft wasn't totally appreciated by certain people. Unfortunately there are those who don't understand or even respect the amount of time an artist puts into their craft, and that goes for any form of art..whether visual, musical, etc...or how some people just don't understand art/artists altogether..which is where the 'lonely soul' part comes in. Fortunately over the years now people have been showing a lot more appreciation for what I do (especially other artists that I know and respect), but every now and then there are still those moments. It's almost like a "nobody understands me except for me" statement.
2. "In My Own World" (12" x 16" - Acrylic On Canvas) The idea for this painting came from my mother telling me one day "sometimes you're just in your own world (she meant it in a good way!)". Since childhood my mother has been my biggest supporter when it comes to my art and pursuing what I love. Basically she's right though..sometimes I do tend to be in my own world! I tend to come up with my best ideas when i'm just out along going for a walk and listening to my's like at those moments I'm in my own plane of existence, tuning out everyone and everything around me, daydreaming in my own universe.
3. "A Broken Man" (18" x 18" - Acrylic On Canvas) My most recent painting as of this entry. This one is inspired by a moment in time about 3 years ago when I was going through a rough period in my financial situation was extremely uncertain, someone close to me who was like a family member had passed away (marking the 1st time I had ever lost someone that close to me), and I was just feeling down everyday...I felt like a broken man. Around that time I made the original sketch of what you see in this painting. Fortunately I didn't "break" like the guy in the picture..later in the year I started focusing more on my art again after a 6-7 month layoff and that was the first step in pulling me out of my rut that I was in. I can honestly tell you now that I feel more artistically inspired now than I have at any point in my life! And it's a good thing too...because it led to more fresh ideas, more notoriety, two art gallery showings (with hopefully more to come), and numerous other goodies on the way. Unlike the first two pieces, this piece is actually on sale (click here to purchase). I actually debated on whether or not I would sell this piece but decided to go ahead and do it. As you can see I mostly work with acrylics but might consider experimenting with other mediums down the line. More to come soon!


  1. I know what you mean!There are things I do in my creative process that people are always asking me "why do you do that?" or "what are you thinking?" and I dont even explain anymore I just smile and say "if you dont see why I do things, then you prolly never will and I wont waste my time explaining it" lol


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