Just a little something I did earlier this week. The piece is called "Stroll" and it's pretty self-explanatory. It features a random little aardvark looking character (one that I had planned to include into my sneaker work at one time..sorta like a mascot I guess) just strolling along in what looks to be some odd looking backdrop in some unknown universe (odd to most of us but I guess it's home to him!). Based on a drawing I had in one of my sketch pads that I wanted to illustrate on a bigger canvas. I decided to keep it black & white because I felt like it brought out the vibe and theme of the picture better than if I had made it colorful, which I felt may have taken away some of the energy from it. This was done on 15" x 20" illustration board in pencil and ink and some acrylic for the grey shadow areas.


  1. I like this! he is struttin his stuff in his cool sneaks. That background doesnt look odd at all....I love it!


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