"What Lies Beneath The Surface"

It's grotesque.
It's Ugly.
It's Hideous.

Actually, that's kinda the point of this piece. Have you ever met someone that you found physically attractive but found out later that their personality doesn't match up with their looks? Or have you ever become friends with someone and thought they were cool but later found out that they're not what/who you thought they were? That's the message relayed in this particular painting, which I call "What Lies Beneath The Surface".

I got to thinking about times where I dated a girl here or there that I thought was physically attractive or just drop dead gorgeous only to find out that while she was a bombshell on the outside, that she was an ugly person on the inside (not directed at anyone specific so no I won't mention names lol). There's also been a time or two where I thought someone was a friend only to find out later that that wasn't the case & they had their own selfish agenda. The painting depicts a beautiful woman (or at least what was thought to be a beautiful woman) but then when her outer beauty starts to be stripped away you get a glimpse of the real person she is on the inside (and i'm sure you ladies have probably met a guy who was the same way...no generalizing here!). It's almost like being able to visually see her inner beauty or lack thereof.

Now as much as I like to have that physical attraction, inner beauty is just as important. It's like going to see a movie..you might get the desire to see it because it stars one of your favorite actors and/or the trailer looks exciting, but if the movie doesn't have a good story/script to go along with it and hold that interest, then it's going to fall flat & end up being just another flick with style and flash and no susbstance.

Not quite sure what i'm going to do with this piece..I may keep it & frame it, frame it & sell...don't know yet really..just something I felt like painting that was on my mind one day after thinking about personal experiences.

Feedback/criticism is welcome!


  1. I love this painting! I can def say that the concept is so true with people, especially with me being in hairschool, I really see some characters that fit perfectly with this painting. Good job and thank you for the sincere comment. I appreciate it. :)

  2. Like this drawing-Painting, i don't undrestand all of the text but i love your blog, I'm new member!
    You can win an OPI nail lacquer if you like my fan page... :D


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