Adidas Stan Smith "Andy Golub"

I first came across the work of New York based artist Andy Golub when I read an article on a body painting he did on model Zoe West (above pic) (see article here). For a while I had a slight fascination with body art (was even asked about possibly doing some body art for a model years ago but it never materialized) and I thought Andy's designs were some of the best I ever came across. After seeing the Zoe West painting I got to thinking "how would one of those designs look on a pair of shoes?", so I got in touch with Andy himself & pitched the idea of doing a pair just for fun & would love to do a design of his with his permission. After receiving his blessings, I decided to put something together on a pair of Stan Smith Adidas I had sitting around that I had done nothing with. After looking through some of his designs that he had done with different models (and I thought they were all brilliant!), I ended up going with the Zoe West design since it was the first one I noticed of his (although I saw quite a few that I liked even more). The result: The Andy Golub Stan Smith Adidas!

To see more artwork from Andy Golub (who does body paint, canvases, cars, and murals) be sure to check out his website here:


  1. looks amazing!!! I love how you are inspired by different types of art and artists!

  2. Thanks Ce Cilia! And this wasn't even the best work I came across from him..I mainly chose this particular design just because it was the first one I saw of his.


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