Ecentrik Artistry Presents: Noir (video included)

Here's a theme i've wanted to do for an extremely long time & despite the fact only one color was used, I had a ridiculous amount of fun with it! The shoe is called "Noir" (which is the French word for "Black").

The term Film Noir was made popular in the 1940s with films that had the dark black & white style like Citizen Kane, which paved the way for more recent films like the comic book based Sin City by Frank Miller. Speaking of which, that was the type of energy that I was looking for with these shoes as far as art goes.

Instead of the shoes having a clean, polished look I wanted to do something that had a real black & white dark, gritty feel..almost eerie and moody but without a 'horror movie' feel.

If you look closely at the artwork on both shoes, it's actually a mini-comic that starts on the left shoe & concludes on the right.

The first shoe, which has the panel that says "I'm lost", depicts a man walking in the pouring rain on a dark street. I was going for something similar to this look:

In the second panel, where is says "It's cold. It's dark.", there's a shadow of the same guy's face, followed by the below panel that says "How did I get here?", which depicts one of the eyes of the man, which seems to have a fearful vibe to it.

Then there's this panel on the other shoe:

"It's eerie here yet...intriguing."..which shows the same man's shadowy face again..this time with a look of less worry, as if he no longer fears the dark..which is kind of the hidden message of the shoe: overcoming your fears.

It's kinda like how as children we may be afraid of the dark or of other things, but as we get older some of those things no longer bring fear out of's about transitioning. Sometimes we as people get stuck in comfort zones that keep us from pursuing things that we want out of life..having been there myself I know what that's like. But if you really have the drive to make a change, you come out of that comfort zone & go for it. It might be a little scary at with the guy who's afraid as he steps into the dark area..but if you stick to your guns & follow your gut, it doesn't seem so scary anymore. You may even find yourself asking yourself "why didn't I make this move sooner?". It's about overcoming your fears..sometimes you just have to do that in order to transition into the next area of your life & get to where you want to be. Those who don't make that effort end up staying stuck in the matrix or even end up resenting those who did step up & make the transition they desired.

So the question remains: Are you still afraid of the dark?


  1. I can dig it man. That's what life is all about. Stepping into the darkness and triumphing.

    Question: how many of these shoes are you making?


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