"Knightbird" Dunk Low (1-of-1)

Most people who know me know i'm one of the biggest comic book fans in the world. I may not look like the sterotypical image of what most people think a comic book or sci-fi geek is, but I can sit down & talk about various types of comic stuff like naming off my head at least 20 members of the Justice League, all of Spider Man's main villains, etc. Another thing I always enjoyed was creating my own characters..something I had been doing off and on since I was in junior high. One thing I had never done was combine my comic creations with a custom shoe design..until now.

I have this character i'm developing called Knightbird. The character was influenced by a combo of characters/sources like Spider Man, Batman, & Batman Beyond (for those familiar with that show). He's a super hero with some cool superhuman abilities and a handful of high tech James Bond-like gadgets. Knightbird also has a young, quirky, energetic sidekick named Rhythm. I call her Rhythm because she can move at the speed of sound (think of a young female version of the Flash). She's actually a character I created probably around the 10th grade in high school and have made various changes to over the years but kept the basis of the character in tact. Here's a quick black & white sketch I did of both characters below:

((L) Knightbird, (R) Rhythm)

I put a shoe together over the weekend that I wanted to involve both characters..but I wanted it to be funky & weird & outside the box because I felt like just slapping a character on a pair of shoes & calling it a day would have been too uninspiring & not creative (always looking to be different!).

So was born the Knightbird Dunk Lows:

Basically what I did was incorporate various elements from both characters costumes into the shoe such as the costume colors (which you obviously can't see in the black & white photo) and costume symbols altered & scattered throughout the shoes. This was just a little 1-of-1 personal project that I figured i'd share with everyone. As time goes on hopefully i'll be revealing more about the characters & concept behind them, which I hope to someday publish as an independent comic.

And on top of all that, I have tons of other characters that no one's seen yet..I have pretty much an entire comic universe of creations from over the years! Maybe i'll upload some more of them someday...


  1. that is so awesome! I love how you put the two characters faces on the one section by the ankle. You dont see it at first but when you do, youre just like "WOW" Love it! Good job. Cant wait to see what other characters you have lined up.


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