"Ecentrik Avenue" Limited Edition T-Shirt (+ video)

Introducing the limited edition "Ecentrik Avenue" t-shirt!

The idea for this shirt came from a subway train line in a certain major city (wink wink). That company actually has t-shirts for their train lines (I actually own one), but I thought i'd come up with something that has the exact same style but with an "Ecentrik" twist to it.

Now usually I like to come up with my own original concepts but this one was kinda hard to pass up when the opportunity arose. So after some research (getting the exact fonts, matching up the colors of the train routes, etc.) I put this goodie together & made it into a t-shirt. Originally the shirt was gonna say "Ecentrik Avenue Station", but after some wise input from my cousin (the same one who gave me the idea for the ("Eat, Sleep, Paint" tee), I decided to drop the "Station" from the design & just make it "Ecentrik Avenue", which lays better on the shirt.

Mens Version (sizes Small to 3XL)

Ladies version (sizes X-Small to 2XL)

This shirt is available to order right now in the Ecentrik Online Store (see link below)...BUT..it's only here for a limited time! There will only be a small run of these made until late December. So be sure to order yours before they're gone!

Order directly at this link: Ecentrik Avenue tee

Also, check out this recent youtube video for the Ecentrik Artistry t-shirts: