Information Regarding Stickers

Earlier this year, Ecentrik Artistry held a sticker giveaway that was set up to be a temporary promotion. This temporary promotion ended in May of 2011, However, it seems that emails have still been coming in since then for stickers as a lot of websites that promoted the free giveaway have not updated their info (I kindly ask any of you who got sticker info from any of these sites to please contact them & let them know that stickers are no longer available. I constantly get flooded with requests for them & cannot respond to each individual email about them as I am also busy fielding emails regarding product orders). There are currently no stickers being given away at this time and are currently no plans for a sticker giveaway at the moment.

However, there are plans for future contests held on facebook exclusively for fans of the page (see box to the right of this page or link below). If you're on facebook, add the fan page for news & exclusives (see link below):

Ecentrik Artistry Fan page