"North Beach" Custom Dunk Low

"I'm taking my talents to South Beach" - Lebron James

Months after that famous (or infamous) "Decision" broadcast with Lebron James announcing his departure from Cleveland to go play for the Miami Heat, Nike released the "South Beach" Lebron sneakers:

These shoes became immensely popular in the sneaker community..so much so that a lot of other sneaker artists began making their own versions of the South Beach shoes..usually consisting of the original colorway displayed on different shoes (Air Force Ones, Jordans, etc.). A lot of the ones I saw were very well done (kudos to the artists who pulled the idea off so well) but it got to the point that despite the fact that the shoes were nicely done, the actual concept seemed to be done to death. Honestly, I even considered doing my own version at one time but then decided to take a different road..

So I came up with the idea of the "North Beach" customs (and yes, Miami really does have a North Beach). If you see the box label at the top it says "I'm taking my talents to North Beach..because South Beach is too crowded", which basically implies that the South Beach idea has been done so many times that I decided instead to "go North" and do something else.

Now some might look at these and say "they look nothing like the South Beach kicks". Well, you're right..they don't. And they weren't meant too. However, they do have the same colorway as the South Beaches (with a little dark grey added as well). While I wanted to keep the colorway, I also wanted to do the design totally different..after all, they're supposed to be different from the South Beaches, right?

Again..and I stress this..this is not a knock against other artists who've done the South Beach theme in the past, this is just me going in another direction with the original idea. Some might see it as a parody in a way, or even a sneaker version of Jay-Z's "Death Of Autotune..the South Beach Version" (lol), but it's just me taking a popular concept & putting a different spin on it. I've actually thought about doing something similar with certain other styles (and may still do it).

These are currently a 1-of-1 but I would like to make these a regular release and am seriously considering doing so..especially depending on the feedback received from these.

So what do you think? Love them? Hate them? Opinions/criticism welcome!


  1. I love the color scheme. That is something I would def rock!


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