"Snow Leopard" Dunk Low (1-of-1)

Was going through some pics on my laptop & came across some shoes I came up with about two months ago that I never posted so I figured i'd do it now since I have a moment. I call these "Snow Leopard".

The idea came from some pictures a Facebook friend had in his picture gallery of various wildlife, mostly lions and tigers. One of the pictures feature the snow leopard (these aren't the actual pictures from the friends page btw):

So I put this nice little design together on a pair of Nike Dunks I had laying around:

The light teal shade used on the swoosh came from the eye color of the leopard in the 2nd picture. I just thought the color set off the gray tones real nicely so I went with it. The gray is two different shades with a gradient fade to blend them together. This is basically just a pair for my own personal collection/wardrobe that I wanted to put together.

And there you have it, the Snow Leopard Nike Dunks!